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Minimalist Joring Line - Chew & Cut Resistant (DCF, UHMWPE, Dyneema©)

Minimalist Joring Line - Chew & Cut Resistant (DCF, UHMWPE, Dyneema©)

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Our Minimalist Joring Lines - Chew & Cut Resistant (DCF, UHMWPE, Dyneema©) are hand spliced from high tech braided line. This type of braided line was originally created to use in place of wire rope rigging in racing sailboats and other functions where high strength, durability, abrasion/cut resistance, and light weight properties are important. Due to the nature of this line, it is resistant to being chewed or cut, and also performs very well in harsh conditions in the outdoors.

Use our joring line with a second snap, carabiner, or quick release snap to connect your dogs to your joring harness or bike attachment

(One snap included)


  • 625lb working load and 2500lb breaking strength
  • So light it will float
  • Highly chew and accidental cut resistant
  • Year round outdoor high performance material


Length -

Width -

Height/Thickness - 0.13 in

Weight -

Care Guide

If you do need to cut one of these lines, it is easiest to do so while under tension using a sharp knife or scissors.

Rinse with room temperature water, then air dry. Scrubbing or wringing with mud&salt in the fibers can cause abrasions which can damage and weaken the material.

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